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Fiercely loyal employees have made decades-long tenures the norm at a major multinational company whose brands, now true household names, are manufactured, marketed, and enjoyed in every one of the world’s...

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Harvard Business Review has published a piece co-authored by Reece Akhtar of RHR International called, “Should Companies Use AI to Assess Job Candidates?"

The piece discusses how AI has...

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A Unique Operating Environment

Most private equity firms have high levels of debt. They require constant attention to cash flow, spending, debt repayment, and financial targets so their...

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Building or transforming a company is one of the most difficult tasks a leader can take on. It requires vision, courage, discipline, business smarts, and the capacity to build followership.

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CEO succession is not an event, but a series of actions orchestrated over the course of several years.

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Most relationships begin with an exciting courtship followed by a honeymoon period. Then the hard work begins.