How We Work

As the preeminent leadership consulting firm bringing a behavioral science point of view, we sit side by side with leaders, helping them acquire the knowledge, wisdom, and skills necessary to achieve business results.

We deliver impact that our clients value by:

  • Leveraging our deep knowledge of human behavior and our experience with organizations
  • Bringing a nuanced understanding of the C-suite and what it takes to build and lead a thriving company
  • Engaging our clients with conviction and courage
  • Putting our clients’ interests ahead of RHR’s interests—we believe we are successful when our clients are successful
  • Investing in a world-class community of diverse colleagues whom we learn from and work closely with to provide superior client service
  • Adhering to the highest-quality professional standards

Our Team

We are a firm of management psychologists and consultants. Meet the leaders at the forefront of our diversely experienced team.

The RHR Difference

We know what works

For 75 years, RHR has focused on the specific needs of CEOs, boards of directors, senior management, and key leadership talent. The goal of our team is to catalyze. We challenge the assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors that constrain performance, but we do so in a way that our clients can hear—with empathy as well as candor.

Our singular focus on top-of-the-house leadership truly sets us apart from other executive and organizational development consultancies. Through our particular combination of skills and experience, we are able to deliver highly predictive assessments and deep insights about senior executives that help companies identify and best deploy their top talent.

We move quickly

In the sphere in which our clients operate, change is constant, time is critical, and the path forward may be unclear. The decisions that our clients are required to make are profound, affecting the vitality and sustainability of the organization, the livelihood of its employees, and the well-being of its customers. To support leaders operating in this environment, we have structured our firm, processes, and approach for quick team mobilization, rapid progress, and maximum strategic impact.

We deliver results

RHR provides clients with actionable recommendations and course-changing business impact through our proprietary methodologies, rigorous research, and extensive executive development experience. We help companies set clear objectives and work with them to help achieve their goals. We tailor our project teams to each engagement, integrating expertise from across multiple practice areas to meet our clients' needs.

We will follow your lead

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