We are a global resource.

We work with Mobley Group Pacific and Decathlon in Asia and Europe. These organizations represent best-in-class and offer complementary approaches to our work for multi-national companies. Together, our understanding of the complexities of human behavior, leadership, and the dynamics of power is crucial to inspiring and accelerating change from the top and laying the foundation for creative partnership and growth. In addition, we work with select contractors throughout the world. For more information about our global consultant network, please contact Simon Callow at scallow@rhrinternational.com.

In addition, we expand our suite of services by partnering with leading organizations.  

Corporate Research Forum
Founded in 1994, Corporate Research Forum (CRF) is a membership organization whose international focus is on research, discussion and the practical application of contemporary topics arising from people management, learning and organization development. CRF has become a highly influential focal point and network for RHR, representing a cross-section of private and public sector organizations. 

Director Search
Director Search is an executive search platform and global community of approximately two million corporate directors, executives, and director candidates. Together, RHR and Director Search offer a powerful tool to help boards and companies with the search for top talent and the critical issues of diversity and inclusion. RHR can assess any candidate who the platform identifies to help boards and executive teams ask the right questions about “fit” with the board and the company. 

Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute®
RHR International partners with Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute® to deliver Premier Executive Leadership™ and their signature, clinically-proven program Performance. Both programs are designed to help leaders thrive personally and professionally, with a holistic approach to managing their energy for optimal performance and wellbeing, unleashing their unlimited potential. 

Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork) 
The Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork) is a membership-based organization founded in 1979 for business leaders by business leaders. SCNetwork helps leaders achieve competitive strength through people, by providing a forum for leading-edge thinking and application. Their monthly events feature provocative and thoughtful speakers on issues preoccupying today's organizations. RHR has been a proud and longtime sponsor of SCNetwork's efforts to bring the best thinking on leadership and talent to the Toronto business community.

World 50
RHR is a member of the Marketing community of World 50, a private community for more than 1,400 senior executives from 700 globally respected organizations on six continents to intimately share ideas, solutions and collaborative discovery free from press, competition and solicitation. executive peer group. It provides a trusted peer forum for chief marketing officers from globally respected organizations to share insights on common issues and challenges unique to those managing global marketing. 

Map of RHR International Worldwide Locations

RHR International serves clients around the globe.