Social responsibility is at the core of how we conduct business and is incorporated in the day-to day-work that we do. We believe that doing the right thing is the right way to do business. Just as we strive to provide the most optimal solutions for our clients, we are also committed to impacting the global communities around us.

  • We are committed to providing pro bono work.
  • We contribute to disaster funds when tragedy strikes.
  • We are a member of CECP: The CEO Force for Good. CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) is a CEO-led organization that works with over 200 of the world’s leading companies to advance business as a “force for good” in society.
  • We work closely with nonprofit organizations that align with our core values and whose work advances leadership capabilities of underrepresented groups, such as our partnership with Upwardly Global.
  • We provide paid hours each year to RHR employees for volunteer work.