Talent Development: Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline

How do you build a diverse talent pipeline? Few would disagree that talent development occurs within an organizational context. This argues for a more holistic or systemic approach to our talent development efforts that simultaneously facilitates growth and change across multiple stakeholder groups including the individual, their manager, and the enterprise.

Clash of Cultures: A Challenge Few Businesses Have Solved

One of the most significant talent challenges of our time is the integration of new capabilities and diverse perspectives into an established company culture. Whether it is the entrepreneurial technologist we want to hire to transform our business, the experienced multicultural leader we need to guide us in geographic markets, or the very real economic need to build leadership teams that reflect the diversity of our markets, the reality is the same.

Why Black Execs Are Leaving Your Company

RHR's Dr. Lawrence James is quoted in Fortune on the topic of retention among African American employees.

“Retention is one of the biggest issues we see,” African American employees, he says, face significantly different issues navigating the workplace. And companies tend to do a poor job identifying and developing their young, black talent. “We don’t ‘walk and talk’ the same as majority culture talent,” he says. “We’re navigating bias, we find networking difficult –where a lot of bonding takes place – and we’re struggling with being authentic when we’re constantly reminded that we’re not as worthy.”

The article refers to a white paper that was published based on his research. He is quoted in the article as saying:

Dismantle Racism

With the disturbing events of the past week in the U.S., I write with a heavy heart and lots of anger and frustration. Across the country, people are horrified by the recent killings of three African Americans: Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. And these are only a few of the most recent deaths to cause particular anguish among those who far too long have endured indignity after indignity.

Cultural Misalignment Hampers Advancement of African American Executives

Evidence indicates that ethnic minorities and women continue to be underrepresented in the ranks of senior executives. The dearth of African Americans in the uppermost corporate leadership roles is especially stark. According to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission survey in 2011, African American executives made up only 2.8 percent of CEOs. This number is lowest amongst the four major ethnic groups (Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White) in the United States.

These numbers clearly indicate that African Americans are struggling to gain a foothold on the highest rungs of the corporate ladder, hitting their glass ceiling around the mid-management level. A new research study from RHR International was designed to create a deeper understanding of the nuances inherent in the developmental journey of African Americans as they strive to move upwards.


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