Five Challenges That Can Derail Hypergrowth Start-Ups

RHR has been engaged to advise on leadership and management challenges by venture capital (VC) firms and founders of companies that are engaged in rapid scaling. We have observed that the ability of many of these hypergrowth companies to scale rapidly can be compromised by two factors: (1) the developmental challenges inherent in first-time founders-CEOs and (2) the system inefficiencies inherent in prioritizing speed and growth over building corporate processes and structures.

Mastering Oscillation: How Peak Performance in Sports and Business Are Related

Witnessing some of the greatest athletes of all time perform at their very best late into their careers should give all of us pause. How do Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and LeBron James—each one achieving Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) status—maintain the stamina, mental focus, physical prowess, and passion for their sport well into their late 30s, when most others have retired their number and hung up their sneakers?

Change the Story, Change the Actions, Change the Culture

If you are like me and are wondering how it only takes minutes for thirty-two people to die and fifty-one to be injured in two mass shootings in less than 24 hours, then you probably continue to be in shock over the state of violence in the United States. Personally, I avoided hearing or reading about the El Paso, Texas, mass shooting, knowing that the victims targeted were Latinx..

Leadership Model: the Default Perspective

By the time most executives reach the C-suite, they have received dozens of performance reviews and undergone at least a handful of 360-degree feedback processes. Over the years, as each of these review or feedback documents has been handed to them, they’ve gotten into the habit of skimming the first page, flipping past the “Strengths” section, and obsessing unhealthily over the comments in the section titled “Opportunities” or “Challenges.”

CEO Succession: Four Tips to Ensuring Success

CEO succession is not an event, but a series of actions orchestrated over the course of several years. The more one anticipates the nuances and implications of early actions and those that follow, the more successful the eventual selection and transition of the next CEO. Proactively expanding the focus of one’s lens throughout the process can reveal the more nuanced opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked. With this as a backdrop, here are four tips on how to make this go as successfully as possible.

1) The board should engage early and often. 


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