Companies Grapple with Passed-Over CEO Candidates

They’re talented, experienced, and heavy contributors to the bottom line. But they didn’t get the top spot. This new article in the Wall Street Journal outlines the difficulties in retaining high-level executives who are passed over for the chief executive position. Dr. Paul C. Winum, senior partner and practice leader—CEO Succession for RHR International, is among those quoted on the subject.

Read the article.

Why H-P Is a Poster Child for Dysfunctional Governance and Silicon Valley Incestuousness

When Silicon Valley insiders start playing musical chairs, no wonder shareholders get upset. In this CEO briefing from Chief, Dr. Thomas Saporito gives his views on the current dysfunction of Hewlett-Packard’s board of directors.Read the full article.

Transitions in Leadership

RHR International's research on CEO Transitions is focused on understanding the ways organizations support a CEO’s transition into the role, where the pitfalls are that should be avoided, and how a company can accelerate the CEO’s ability to drive the organization forward.


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