Executive Insights

RHR International shares psychological insights and practical advice on matters that are of interest to senior-level executive leaders. It does this through its internal publication, called Executive Insight, as well as through other reports. Short, topical, and to the point, these pieces feature suggestions you can put to use immediately to increase your own efficiency as well as that of your team and organization.

  • The Body Of Change - Putting the Head, Heart and Hands of...

    Change begins at the top. Most seasoned executives have likely been a part of several episodes of significant organizational change. Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, system implementations are all examples of complex and difficult tasks requiring disciplined, sophisticated leadership. But few executives have pleasant memories of these “opportunities.”

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  • What it Takes to Succeed in Private Equity

    While listed companies have traditionally provided superb training grounds for general managers and future business leaders and are a natural pool of talent for private equity, ultimately a significant number who have thrived in listed companies fail in private equity portfolio firms.

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  • The Perils of Perfectionism

    While striving for excellence and setting high expectations will generally lead to performance success, leadership is often impaired when less-than-perfect outcomes are seen as failures.

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Research Studies

RHR consultants and our research team work with clients and other research partners to develop meaningful scientific data and analysis on situations that challenge individual, team, and organizational efficiency. This allows RHR to design practical new solutions and fine-tune existing processes to ensure that our services are consistently on the leading edge of the consulting industry.

  • What Great Senior Teams Do
    Senior Team Effectiveness

    Most discussions about executive team effectiveness typically focus on the ideal mix of personal characteristics or “stages” of team development that need to be accomplished before the team can be classied as high performing.

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  • Sustaining Boardroom Performance: How Great Boards Stay...
    Board and CEO Services

    In 2016, RHR International—in conjunction with the NYSE Governance Services—conducted a study to survey board directors and explore their renewal practices in more depth. This was follow-up to a 2014 study that found great boards must continually refresh and renew themselves to sustain a high level of contribution over time.

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  • Ready for Launch: How to Achieve a Transformative...
    Executive Development

    Ready for Launch is designed to help executives make the most of their individual leadership development engagements. In developing this guide, we asked our seasoned RHR consultants about their engagements over the years. For example: How do executives get the most out of these engagements? How does their mindset differ from those executives who do not accelerate as leaders? 

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The RHR International ebook series is designed to bring the world of the CEO to light as never before and give senior managers and leaders a fresh perspective rooted in experience. We offer a new lens with which to know what influences some of the most ambitious, driven individuals you will ever meet. Some of you will see your own reflection in this series and confirm what you already may be experiencing on the job.

  • Inside CEO Succession: The Essential Guide to Leadership...
    By: Thomas J. Saporito, By: Paul C. Winum

    Effective CEO succession requires a well-defined course of action that ensures a supply of highly capable candidates are ready to assume the chief executive position whether through an unexpected event or a planned transition. Dr. Thomas J. Saporito, Executive Chairman of RHR International and Dr.

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  • The Capacity to Trust
    By: Thomas J. Saporito

    Whom do I trust? It’s the classic leadership dilemma: chief executives must rely on others to succeed; yet that very action creates risk. Misplaced trust can jeopardize entire organizations, not to mention personal reputations. While seemingly a very simple question, the answer is actually quite complex and often role defining.

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  • What Do Your Instincts Tell You?
    By: Thomas J. Saporito

    With the right ingredients, instinct is a powerful ally that marshals all the other qualities of great leadership and gives the CEO the competence to trust his or her intuition and the confidence to make a leap in judgment.

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