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Is Your Organization Creating a Culture of Belonging? Take Our Survey

By: Adam Magerman

> Take the Culture of Belonging Survey Here

While we do not derive all meaning and self-esteem from work, we devote a large portion of our lives to our jobs. As such, the workplace can be a place that nurtures our sense of purpose, connection, and belonging. How can we understand the experience of our employees and then ensure leadership is driving the right environment? How do we get there? 

Success lies within the organizational culture as it supports talent management, business performance, and employee well-being. Creating a culture of belonging enables organizational leaders to maintain engagement and momentum toward their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, leading to long-term systemic changes and the cultivation of an environment where people can thrive.

We believe that belonging is the ability to challenge, put ideas forward, take risks, or allow risks to be taken with you. It is developed through a person’s access, openness, safety, and trust within an organization. When individuals feel like they belong, they are better able to maximize their creativity, performance, potential, and well-being.

Leaders often ask us, “Where do I start? And how will I know I am making progress in creating a culture of belonging?” The simplest answer is to listen to and learn from your employees. In this spirit, we have developed a survey to capture an in-depth analysis of an organization’s belonging practices, beliefs, behaviors, experiences, and perceptions through the lens of its employees. This survey was rigorously developed through industry-leading standards for organizational test development and the leading science of culture and belonging. 

Each facet of our culture of belonging model appears and manifests very differently in organizational life and carries its own story-—so much so that we're doing a series of blog posts to dive deeper into what each one means for cultures and leaders who manage the people who work within them. 

We invite you all to take the survey here. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is hosted on a secure and flexible online platform. While you will not receive individualized results, we will be sharing the global results at upcoming public webinars as well as in follow-up blog posts.


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