• Leadership as a Megaphone
    By: Guy M. Beaudin

    As I write this from my home in Toronto, we are having a provincial election that will be unlike any other in Ontario’s history. And here are some thoughts about the election that will ring true once it is over.

  • Intentionality and Decision Making in the Senior Team
    By: David Astorino

    Effective leadership often comes down to two critical tasks: making good decisions and engaging others to execute those decisions.

  • Leadership Teams in a Time of Disruption: A New Level...
    By: Deborah P. Rubin

    In the United States, we are in the midst of championship softball at the collegiate and high-school levels. The teams still in the running face increasing competition and expectations with each win, and continuing to progress requires impeccable teamwork that maximizes each opportunity while minimizing risks.

  • How You Too Can Avoid #MeToo: How Boards & CEOs...
    By: Paul C. Winum

    In the past year, there have been scores of reported misconduct in companies across virtually every industry and sector. From Weinstein to Wynn, from Volkswagen to Wells, the behavior of executive leaders has resulted in the dismissal of executive leaders, thousands of lawsuits, and tens of millions of dollars in fines and lost business.

  • A Mother’s (and Father’s!) Day Call-to-Action
    By: Maja Egnell

    This is the third of a four-part series examining patterns of gender bias affecting female executives, and how “bias interrupters” can be used to challenge them.

  • The Importance of Onboarding in Creating a Learning...
    By: Gregory A. Janicik

    The world of work is changing rapidly, and organizations can’t expect to rely on outdated ways to build capabilities to keep up. In particular, formal learning, training, and development approaches have failed to help shift skills and behavior to create new ways of working.

  • Managing Power at The Top
    By: Joanna E. Starek

    I remember one of my first CEO coaching assignments. The executive was accomplished but overly confident. Pondering how to make an impact with him, I called a mentor who had advised CEOs for more than 30 years.

  • Maximizing the ROI on Human Capital

    Clients frequently come to us with concerns about their people. “I wasn’t expecting her to jump ship.” “He looked so good when we hired him, but since then, it’s been a nightmare.” “I think my team is great, but my boss says they don’t connect to the rest of the business.”

  • The Power of Storytelling for Leaders
    By: Cristina Jimenez

    We often do an exercise with leaders called Moments that Matter. It’s simple and yet remarkably powerful in shifting how people interact with one another. Throughout the experience, leaders have an opportunity to do two things. First, they take the time to reflect on their lives in a way that makes them pause and ask: Who am I?

  • What Do We Mean by Development Mindset?

    A key predictor of executives’ success lies beyond their prior performance, their current talents, and their experience. We refer to it as their development mindset. Some executives have less or none of this mindset.