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When You Need Someone To Cut Through The Noise

Great leaders possess courage, self-knowledge, and the ability to move themselves and their people through the difficulty of change to the rewards of success. We are their partners on this journey, providing honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses based on analysis of data as well as deep psychological insights. Our goal is to catalyze. We challenge the assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors that constrain performance, but we do so in a way that our clients can hear—with empathy as well as candor.

We Know What Works

We have helped some of the most successful leaders in business transform themselves and their companies. We know what works and what pitfalls can derail CEOs and their boards. We bring this depth of knowledge and experience with us to focus on three core areas: CEO succession and transition, CEO performance management, and board development. In short, we help boards succeed at their most critical duties.

Putting the Success in Succession

Many factors influence the fit of a CEO. Beyond the executive’s experience and business strategy, we also look at issues of fit between the company, its culture, the senior management team, and its board. We work with boards to help them be more rigorous, systematic, and comprehensive in the way they evaluate CEO performance, customizing the process to the strategic needs of your specific organization.

Every Step of the Way

CEO succession and transition is a process, and we’re there to guide you every step of the way to help you achieve the best outcomes. We help you:

  1. Establish board ownership, involvement, and oversight
  2. Set succession time frames
  3. Prepare for emergencies
  4. Align on strategy and profile
  5. Build the talent pipeline
  6. Source external talent and manage search firms
  7. Select the CEO
  8. Proactively manage the transition
  9. Measure performance and improve progress
  10. Manage the dynamics that impact all stakeholders in a CEO succession
  11. Understand and shape your organization's operating culture through our Operating Culture Survey


Maintaining a Steady Hand

Working in partnership with your board and outgoing CEO, we can help to ensure a smooth transition in leadership to a highly capable new CEO who fits the leadership needs of your organization. When well-managed, such a change in leadership can re-energize staffers company-wide and create a surge in overall business performance.

The Services We Offer

  1. Board Development
  2. CEO Effectiveness & Performance
  3. CEO Succession & Transition

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