The Best Made Better

While it may be true that great leaders are made, not born, the best know they can always be made better. RHR works with senior executives at the highest levels to enhance and expand their capabilities, building a strong cadre of leaders in key roles who can drive your business both today and into the future.

In a Position to Succeed

With a thorough understanding of your company’s vision, we work to ensure that your leaders have the capabilities to drive sustainable business results.

For the Organization

  • Alignment of existing talent with critical business priorities
  • Reduced risk and increased readiness for transitions at the top
  • Identification and assessment of future leaders
  • Objective assessment of the talent pipeline
  • Holistic data to inform broader training and development
  • Increased candor, transparency, and quality of data

For the Executive

  • Relevant behavior change that drives effectiveness in current role
  • Accelerated preparedness for future role
  • Deeper self-insight and awareness of leadership impact
  • Clarity around what it will take to close the gaps
  • Definition of career interest and career path

Our Integrated Approach

By engaging support from the full system—advisors and managers, feedback partners, learning experiences—real executive development integrates diverse resources to accelerate the performance of executives in complex environments.

Executive Development offers you:

  • Accurate assessment from the start—Targeting the right behaviors creates the foundation for development that yields results.
  • True behavioral coaching—This approach creates shared ownership and sustainability of new leadership behaviors.
  • Development grounded in experiences—Development is most productive when it is closely tied to the day-to-day business experiences of the executive.
  • Stakeholder involvement that drives and sustains change—Real behavior change is accelerated by the involvement of trusted and aligned stakeholders.

Building Your Talent Pipeline

Every aspect of a leader’s world is less stable and more variable than a generation ago. Their teams are more diverse, work in new ways, and expect different things. The relevance and shelf life of business models are rapidly decreasing. The industries and markets in which they operate are facing unprecedented disruption. As a result, there is an insufficient pipeline of leaders prepared to scale to roles of more complexity and breadth and manage the challenges of a rapidly changing world. RHR’s Scaling for GrowthSM program, part of our Executive Bench® suite of services, is designed to build self-reflective and scalable leaders who excel in diverse, unpredictable, and complex business environments. To learn more about our work with pipeline talent, visit Scaling for GrowthSM.

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Executive Development

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