RHR's DI&B services dig beneath the surface and cultivate personal growth, creating insight that underpins authentic, courageous leadership and compelling sustained change.

Though many companies believe they have robust DI&B programs in place, these are often ineffective because they:

Equate time, money, and resources for intention and impact
Focus on scalable activities rather than behavior change
Fail to put a strategy in place that outlines vision and plan for change
Despite the emphasis on representation, the journey is far from over. Many organizations currently have well-intentioned but surface-level DI&B practices.

RHR International’s Approach

Dismantling systems of inequity requires the ability to facilitate transformational change. At RHR, we help foster organizational change and inclusive, courageous leadership that is learning agile, and defined by cultural fluency and humility.

We help organizations create a Culture of Belonging using our deep expertise and a humble, non-judgmental approach. We accelerate the growth of diverse talent, give clarity around organizational culture, and engage with executives to help them to move from being “well-intentioned” to being proactive leaders who create systemic change.

Leading Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging is hard and complicated work. We partner to ensure that strategy, alignment, and objectives are working together to deliver results.

We engage with executives and enable them to move from being “well-intentioned” to being proactive leaders who create cultures of belonging.

We advise and develop diverse executives and the system around them to maximize performance, realize potential, and deliver results.

A good strategy and sustained results require leaders to understand the experience of their talent. Our process gets to the heart of what employees need from their leadership.

We help leaders design, align, and build highperforming senior teams to navigate the enterprise in complex environments.

Cristina Jimenez

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