From Top to Bottom

To truly transform a company, people need to change their behavior—how they work and make decisions. RHR’s deep knowledge and insight into the underlying psychology of change enable us to help senior leaders shift their behavior and that of others to increase the probability of success.

All the Difference

Coaching, inspiring, and shifting behavior is the key to successful transformation. When people change and are aligned and committed to success, great things can happen for the organization.

  • Measurable improvement in business results
  • Real traction on transformation initiatives
  • Senior team cohesiveness
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Collaborative, high-performing culture

Leading the Way

Transformational change must be driven by leadership. By understanding what it takes to lead, manage, and inspire differently—and what it takes to get people to change their behavior— leaders can be more effective in achieving their goals.

In our work with senior executives over the past 70 years, we have identified critical questions that translate into specific leadership imperatives. Managers and employees ask: “Why should I change? How will changing help the organization? What is the road map of specific changes required? Is it okay to try new things and make mistakes? What does this change mean for me?”

As a result, leader imperatives include:

  • Providing a clear vision
  • Connecting new behaviors to specific outcomes
  • Aligning on the what, when, and how of change
  • Coaching, inspiring, and providing feedback
  • Understanding and shaping your organization's operating culture through our Operating Culture Survey

Do You Have What it Takes?

Transformation requires more than typical change efforts. Bringing in new talent and capabilities, redesigning structures and processes, and redefining or raising the bar on performance may be necessary—but it won’t be sufficient. Without a laser focus on the behavioral side of transformation, increased investment and efforts will get you nowhere.

RHR can help your top leaders:

  1. Create visibility and impact across the organization
  2. Gain buy-in by aligning themselves and others behind the
    specifics of the transformation
  3. Define and model the transformation leadership behaviors required
  4. Accelerate and cascade change throughout the organization

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Leading Transformational Change

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