SCNetwork Conference Focuses on Attracting Millennials and Gen Zs


RHR International is sponsoring an event called “Create a Mobile, Flexible Workplace to Attract and Retain Millenials and Gen Zs” on March 20, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. The one-day conference is put on by the Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork), a membership-based organization founded for business leaders by business leaders. SCNetwork helps leaders achieve competitive strength through people by providing a forum for leading-edge thinking and application on issues preoccupying today's organizations.

Organizations today face the challenge of recruiting and retaining younger employees while being able to leverage flexible work arrangements. This requires leaders who possess the right competencies to engage employees in a mobile or distributed work environment. This conference explores Millennials’ desire for flexible work arrangements and shares new Canadian research on Gen Zs and how employee expectations continue towards greater mobility. This includes current trends and challenges that organizations face in creating engagement and driving mobile workplace performance.  

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