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Executive Bench® Names Robert Abramo as Head of Sales

CHICAGO and PHILADELPHIA, December 5, 2018—Robert Abramo has joined RHR International as Head of Sales for Executive Bench® and is based in the firm’s Philadelphia office. RHR International is the premier firm in the development of top management leadership of Global 1000 companies.

RHR International’s Executive Bench services provide companies with a comprehensive solution for building a strong pipeline of enterprise leaders with its two core components: a Readiness for Scale℠ assessment, which pinpoints strengths to leverage and gaps to close in preparation for executive leadership; and a Scaling for Growth℠ program, a best-in-class executive development program that closes gaps in scalability and accelerates readiness for enterprise leadership.

In his role, Robert works with organizations on the next generation of enterprise leaders through RHR’s assessment and development suite in the Executive Bench program. Robert is an experienced account leader dedicated to ensuring alignment between client needs and project execution. He is also an expert in engagement and culture change.

"Robert impressed us as being ideally suited to representing RHR and Executive Bench in the market”, said Guy Beaudin, Senior Partner, Business Development & Marketing. ”This role requires a skill set that includes an ability to be attuned to an organization's goals and challenges in building their pipeline so that the Executive Bench offering can best be adapted to a particular client's needs.  It also requires an ability to partner with each client to ensure those goals are met.  Robert has these abilities and more.  We are lucky to have found him."

Much of Robert’s account leadership has focused on working with senior and HR leadership in complex, integrated organizations. He has served clients across several industries, including insurance, fintech, retail, and manufacturing. He has also published multiple white papers on diversity and inclusion and the insurance industry.

Examples of Robert’s recent work include:

  • Partnered with a global manufacturing organization to confront challenges around enablement, retention, and teamwork through enhancements in onboarding, training, and a revamped employee value proposition.
  • Worked one-on-one with the executive committee of a diversified U.S. insurer to tackle challenges around employee confidence through creating greater collaboration across product lines, enhancing top-team communications, and creating structure around manager development and feedback.
  • Worked with the executive team of an insurance start-up to evaluate and revise the current organizational strategy against challenges with the engagement and enablement of their workforce.

Prior to joining RHR International, Robert was an account leader and consultant at Korn Ferry and Hay Group.

Robert is a member of the Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy.

Robert earned an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Baruch College, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and a BA in Psychology from Villanova University.


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