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RHR International Introduces Operating Culture Survey

RHR International (“RHR”) has introduced a new diagnostic tool to help organizations improve their operating culture.   

Creating an effective operating culture is often the biggest challenge leaders face. Whether they are driving transformational change, accelerating post-M&A integration, or managing a turnaround, leaders need to understand how things get done in their organization and what are the biggest barriers to success. 

According to Dr. Gregory Janicik, a partner and practice leader at RHR, “An operating culture that supports change strategies is critical when leading transformational change. Leaders need to understand the current operating culture and ultimately shape it to accelerate change efforts and achieve their desired outcomes.”

RHR’s Operating Culture Survey focuses on several key dimensions that measure an organization’s effectiveness: create, shape, deliver, and grow:

  • Create: How an organization understands its target markets, senses shifts in its environment, anticipates trends, and creates products and services that delight customers
  • Shape: How an organization shapes its purpose and destination, selects a path forward, prioritizes its resources, and defines how to win in the market
  • Deliver: How an organization balances quality execution with change to deliver on its commitments
  • Grow: How an organization inspires, manages, and grows its people and resources

For more information on the Operating Culture Survey, visit our website or call +1 312 924 0800.

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