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RHR International Introduces Ready for Launch Guide

RHR International (“RHR”) is pleased to introduce Ready for Launch, a scientific look at how senior executives can make the most of their individual leadership development engagements.

In this research study, RHR asked its consultants about their individual engagements with executives over the years. More specifically, questions such as: How do executives get the maximum value out of these engagements? How does their mindset differ from those executives who do not accelerate as leaders?

“The answers reveal a pattern among executives who made the most of their engagements with RHR consultants—maximizing the ROI for their organizations and accelerating their careers,” says Nathan Wiita, principal and research lead at RHR. “Conversely, our findings also reveal the characteristics of those who failed to take full advantage of leadership development.” As management psychologists and consultants working at the top of the house, RHR’s goal is to provide laser-focused, game-changing insights and guidance on the nuances of leadership.

Things that can be learned from this research study include (1) the mindset of executives who achieve high impact of their development experience, and those who do not, (2) the barriers that leaders either break through or succumb to, and (3) what RHR believes are the guiding principles for taking advantage of an experience with an executive development consultant.

For more information on the guide, visit the website or call +1 312 924 0800.

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